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[fic] simpler things; g

simpler things
[1/1] doojoon/dongwoon, 725 words
for dongwoon's birthday, doojoon tells him that he'll take him away.

for dongwoon's birthday, doojoon tells him that he'll take him away.

sure enough when the day comes, on the cusp of spring and summer, doojoon turns up in his front doorway with a mischeiveous smile and an outstretched hand, and who is dongwoon to refuse?

they shut the door behind them without telling dongwoon's mother where they're going, and laughing, doojoon leads the younger boy to the fields behind his house - not exactly the 'away' dongwoon had in mind - but it's nice all the same as they lie side-by-side amongst the cattails, listening to the peaceful burble of the babbling brook and staring at the clouds passing overhead.

they spend the warm afternoon pushing each other into the stream and clambering in and out of it, splashing each other with water and running themselves raw and ragged until they're both soaked and they collapse next to each other, panting, out of breath, but no words necessary.

the sky has turned purple with orange clouds, faint with the sound of cicadas, and dongwoon can just see the beginning of the stars coming out, the silver moon shyly peeking from behind the black silhouette of the willow trees against the sky. he's content, tired, and he closes his eyes, letting the atmosphere sing to him, lull him asleep.


doojoon's voice startles him. dongwoon had almost forgotten the older boy was lying next to him; only then does he feel the press of doojoon's bare leg against his, a reminder. "yeah?"

"i hope you had a nice birthday." doojoon's voice is quiet, sincere, maybe even sweet - but doojoon's doojoon - he doesn't do sweet.

dongwoon hums in assent. "i did."

"i still haven't given you my present though."

dongwoon cracks an eye open, surprised, to find doojoon looking at him with wide, earnest eyes. "i thought...this was my present?"

"i have something better for you. if you want it." doojoon's tongue peeks out from between his lips, wetting his lower first, then his upper. dongwoon looks at him, confused, then glances down at the pockets of his pants, checking for the telltale bulge of a small wrapped gift and trying to remember if the older boy had been holding anything when he'd come to get dongwoon earlier in the afternoon. finding nothing, he looks back into doojoon's eyes, then realizes that they're a little wider than usual, meaningful, trying to tell him something. then he puts two and two together and stares at doojoon's moist lips and it clicks - oh.

there's a silence, and suddenly dongwoon's looking at doojoon - his best friend, his confidant, his partner in crime. doojoon looks familiar, the way he always does, sans the wet hair plastered to his forehead (normally it's spiked up into a neat little peak), but there are his solemn thin lips, his straight nose, his wide eyes. strangely though, dongwoon feels like he's looking at the boy he's known all his life for the very first time. it's definitely the first time he's seen that little spark in the back of doojoon's eyes, not love, but a quiet infatuation, and then dongwoon feels butterflies in his stomach and realizes that maybe it's been there all along and he's just never noticed.

the corners of doojoon's mouth are turned up ever so slightly. "so, do you want your present?"

dongwoon closes his eyes and waits, succumbing and submissive, realizing that this moment has been long overdue.


his voice cracks and an elbow bumps his shoulder and suddenly there's heat approaching him, covering his chest, lingering over his face, exciting, teasing in a way doojoon doesn't realize. doojoon pauses a centimeter away from him; dongwoon can feel his breath on his mouth.

"dongwoon, you don't - "

"i want to."

and then when their lips touch it's warm and inexperienced and wet and clumsy, but despite all of it, all the complications and all the questions, when doojoon pulls away they're both grinning stupidly, brilliantly. they look at each other for a solid minute before doojoon speaks up. "dongwoon?"

"yeah?" dongwoon waits patiently for some sort of passionate declaration, some kind of wild proposal. but doojoon's grin lessens into a quieter, shy smile, and dongwoon knows neither of those things are going to happen. he realizes he's happy all the same.

"happy birthday."

author's note: for my unnie ieopon as a very, very belated birthday gift. ♥
Tags: fandom: b2st, genre: fluff, genre: romance, pairing: doojoon/dongwoon, rating: g, title: simpler things
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