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[fic] habits; g

[1/1] kikwang/dongwoon; doojoon/dongwoon, 1102 words
he doesn't know why dongwoon can't seem to see what's right in front of him.

Kikwang doesn't like his job.

He doesn't hate it, either, and he's become accustomed to waking up in the morning, not excited to start the day but not dreading it either. His life is, for lack of a better word, average. So-so. He should be grateful that he ended up with a reasonably well-paying job, what with his poor grades in high school and college, but somehow as he buttons his dress shirt and slips on his blazer, he can't seem to dredge up even a smidge of gratitude.

He's a secretary to one of the higher-ups on the corporate food chain, and although this means the pay is better it also means his work his harder. Not hard-hard like crunching numbers or spewing equations, but a lot typing, copying, printing, scheduling, and phone-answering, so much so that he's made friends in the copy room by the sheer number of times he visits a day.

His job is boring. Average, nothing exciting and nothing unbearable, and he's not afraid to admit it. He's come to accept that he just wasn't destined for greatness, as his monotonous schedule constantly reminds him. But no, the most torturous part of his job, more than the dull, routine agenda he follows daily, is by far the top of his cubicle. The top of his cubicle that remains blissfully empty, giving him the same half-view of his boss's nameplate attached to the wall opposite, unless it doesn't.

Unless it's disrupted by a human presence. His boss, specifically, who quite frankly has every right to be invading the emptiness of the top of his cubicle, seeing as he's the one who gives the orders, talking to him over the wall. Kikwang's eyes remain affixed to his computer screen without fail even as the man attempts to make eye contact, but Kikwang gives him no reason to complain; he does his job, and he does it well.

"Kikwang-ssi?" A deep voice says softly, somewhere near the edge of his periphery. Kikwang swallows automatically, his eyes glued to the suddenly fascinating document on the screen in front of him. "Are you almost done with that?"

"A few more paragraphs, sir, and then I'll be done," Kikwang answers, fingers flying over the keyboard as he attempts to make himself look too busy to talk. Dongwoon doesn't get the message, though, leaning on the half-wall separating them and sticking around with the pretense of checking over Kikwang's work.

"Kikwang?" Kikwang gives a noncommital hum of assent, eyes still on the computer. Dongwoon moves into his line of vision, forcing Kikwang to look up and acknowledge him in his powder-blue button down and slate gray jacket, high cheekbones and wide, omniscient eyes. His hand tightens on the mouse. Why does Dongwoon always have to look so flawless? "Your shift ended an hour ago. If you need any help with that, really..."

Kikwang shakes his head vigorously, gesturing to his empty desk. "No, I've got nothing else to do, it's fine," he says quickly, averting his eyes again to read the label of the water bottle standing next to his keyboard. "Really, I just need to be left alone to finish this."

Dongwoon looks slightly taken aback by the forwardness of his statement and Kikwang swallows, his palms beginning to sweat. He always gets like this around him; wound up like a coil, always on edge, always ready to spring away at the nearest opportunity. It's not Dongwoon's fault he's like this, really, so enamored, so intoxicated by his presence. He just has to suck it up and bear it.

"I didn't mean it like that," Kikwang apologizes. "I just...I'm tired." Lovesick, he amends in his head.

Dongwoon nods, beginning to look uncomfortable. "I didn't mean to bother you. I...need a favor, that's all." He has a cute, hopeful half-smile on his face, making his cheekbones lift, making Kikwang suspicious.

He forces himself to look up, again finding himself staring right into those huge black pupils. "Like what?" he asks hesitantly.

Dongwoon laughs briefly, clearly not comfortable with asking a favor of his secretary. "I guess I'll, you know that kid you brought in last week, your roommate? Job hopeful? Well, he didn't get the job...but I kind of wanted to know, if he, you know..."

Kikwang stares at him for a full ten seconds, his stomach sinking all the way to his toes. "Doojoon?" he says, faintly, knowing exactly where this is going and hating every second of it.

Dongwoon smiles brilliantly, grateful that Kikwang's making this easy on him. "Yes, him. Uh, since you live with him and all, I was just hoping you could..." No, please, anything but - "put in a good word for me?" One side of his mouth lifts in a rueful half-grimace half-laugh, embarassed.

Oh. Oh.

"Doojoon?" Kikwang repeats, after a long, pregnant pause, trying despite his leaden heart to look amused and failing miserably. All coherent phrases leave his head; it takes him a good minute to form a sentence. "You could...I mean, you could just call him and ask...if you really like him." Please, anything but that, don't really like him...

Dongwoon makes a face. "I know. I probably should since I have his number but I just don't...want to do this in person, you know? He just, I have a feeling about him." A twinge in Kikwang's chest, painful and suppressed, "I want to talk to him and stuff but it'd be really random if I just called him up, because I barely know him and you've known him for a while -"

"Sure," Kikwang cuts him off, anything, anything to stop talking about this. "I mean...yes, I will. I'll mention it to him tonight." His hand is slick on the mouse, which he's been clutching tightly for the entire conversation. He releases it slowly, not even realizing how tight his grip was until his knuckles cramp in protest. Stop. It's not like you had a chance anyway, he inwardly berates himself.

Dongwoon's entire face brightens, his cheeks coloring and his mouth curving up into a beautiful, toothy smile. Instead of making his heart pound as usual, the expression makes Kikwang's heart catch in his throat, beating slowly, sickened. "Thank you, so much," his boss, just his boss, says, grinning thankfully, gently brushing Kikwang's shoulder with his hand.

Kikwang watches numbly as Dongwoon's broad back retreats into the office across from his, again wondering why he can never seem to say no, and why Dongwoon can't seem to see what's right in front of him.

author's note: lol this sounds so tired and lazy and is probably riddled with mistakes. i'll edit soon. i thought i'd try onesided!stuff since i've always had difficulty with it and this was kind of a fail, but whatever.
Tags: fandom: b2st, genre: fluff, pairing: doojoon/dongwoon, pairing: kikwang/dongwoon, rating: g, title: habits
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